no way

At lunch today, it started doing this:

Seriously?  SERIOUSLY? Is this Indiana’s last laugh for March?  SO SICK OF IT.


11 thoughts on “no way

  1. It’s supposed to be sunny with a high of 63 degrees in Dallas today. Want to move to Texas?

    Sorry about the snow. 😦

  2. Same here girl. Well not yet but it’s coming tonight and getting more on Friday. Friday the home opener for the Cleveland Indians. The game my boss bought tickets for the whole office for. The game where we will all freeze our butts off at 😦

  3. I feel for you! As you saw, we had it yesterday, but it had all melted by noon. So hopefully yours won’t stick around either!

  4. Dave and I just had major thunderstorms and rain. He called at 6:15, but we only talked a min because it was raining so hard I could barely see to drive! Better rain than snow!

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