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After Saturday’s productivity, yesterday was a day in the car.  After church Dave and I ran home, ate lunch, packed him up, and drove to Midway airport.  Actually, I ate my lunch in the car: apple, colby cheese, sunflower seeds, zucchini cookie bar.  It hit the spot.

I dropped Dave at the departures curb and we said a very hasty goodbye, as Dave had to pee like nobody’s business… and was also pushing less than an hour til his flight.  Luckily, he made it to both the bathroom and his flight.

After the airport I headed north, up to Schaumburg, and met up with Kim at Panera!  I’ve been reading Kim’s blog for over a year now I think, and we finally got to meet in person.  It was really awesome to hang out and get to know each other more.  We talked about running, cats, silly things we love, and just had fun.  I wasn’t sure what to expect – it’s kind of like a blind date, friend-wise – but genuinely had such a good time with Kim.  Our 2 hours went really fast!  Hopefully, we can meet up again sometime soon.  It’s too bad we don’t live near each other – we would definitely hang out more!

(The Kims.  Photo taken by ourselves after the Panera worker rejected us and told us he “wasn’t allowed to take pictures.”  Do Panera workers get hounded for pictures so often they have it in their job description to say no?)

I grabbed a multi-grain bagel from Panera on my way out for dinner in the car.  I figured I would stop someplace else along the way for another part of dinner, but never got hungry.  Got home at 9pm and rounded out my “dinner” with some pre-bed raspberry sherbet.  Yum.

What’s your favorite bagel at Panera? I love multi-grain or asiago cheese.


7 thoughts on “new friends

  1. I agree with most that asiago is awesome. But, some days you need sweet, and on that day, it’s always a Cinnamon crunch. Right now, I’m in love with the creamy tomato soup with asiago croutons. Yummers.

  2. Ha ha ha. No input from any commenters on the Panera dude’s refusal to take our photo! I need to see if I know anyone who works at Panera and ask them what’s up!

    I had so much fun meeting you! I also agree we would spend a lot of time together if we lived closer. It would be fun to run together! 🙂

    I thought the cinnamon bagel at Panera was good! I need to look online and see what is actually in their bagels.

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