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happy saturday

I love productive Saturdays.  Despite waking up tired, I had a great day.  Got my hair cut with the sisters (always so much fun!), then came home for a late lunch of pinto white bean soup.  While I digested I sweepered the whole house (including Mosie’s mess), did a load of laundry, and picked up a little bit.  I finally got out for a run at 5pm.  Within the first block I felt like quitting but I stuck it out and ended up having an awesome run that felt so good!  Did 5.8 miles in 56:05, 9:40 pace.  Came home and watched the end of the Butler/Florida game (so happy Butler won!) and enjoyed a big green smoothie.  Spinach, frozen banana, frozen peach, and a cup of unsweetened vanilla yogurt.  The yogurt made it really thick and awesome.  Mosie hung out, too.

Today is another busy day – church and then taking Dave to Midway airport (he flies to Atlanta for the week) and meeting up with Kim!  Then home home home!


4 thoughts on “happy saturday

  1. Come back! 🙂 I loved meeting you yesterday!

    Now I am craving a smoothie. Darn! I need to find a cheap (and reliable? do those words go together?) blender!

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