Remember that shelf area we’ve been working on?  And just a little bit ago we corralled all the cords into the box for hiding?

The next addition to the shelf: a ball-jar lamp candle!

My parents gave us the lid and wick at Christmas.  We found a whole bunch of Ball and Mason jars of assorted sizes down in our basement (I was completely giddy about the discovery) and this one fit perfectly!  This past Saturday I passed some lamp oil in Walmart and was motivated to finally assemble it all!

I’ve since pulled the wick down a bit so the flame isn’t so high.  Still, every time I light it the smoke is tinged with black.  I don’t want dirty walls or ceilings… is the black just a temporary thing, just “breaking in” the wick?  Is it the lamp oil?  What gives?  Any ideas?

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3 thoughts on “burnin’

  1. i had the same problem with that exact lamp. i had it on the table when friends were over for dinner and had to apologize later because everyone had black soot coating the insides of their noses by the time they left. ooops. since then, i’ve pulled the wick way way way down so it barely seems like there will be enough to light. it’s been much better since.

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