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I can feel the baby!

On Sunday when I was driving home from Ohio I had a strange feeling in my low stomach that kept repeating on and off for a couple minutes.  It felt like a bubble bursting, or the wave off a flutter kick.  I’ve felt it again every day since then.  It’s infrequent and here and there, but I’m pretty sure it’s the baby.  He/she is the size of a bell pepper this week, which seemed pretty big when I was at the grocery store.

I’m excited to start feeling more and more kicks and moves – and stronger, too!  (Remind me of this in a couple months when I might want to eat my words.)

Dave and I both thought my belly looked bigger this morning compared to yesterday, but we’ll have to wait and see how it looks on Monday to compare it to week 18‘s picture.

I ordered two new dresses that should be at the house when I get home from work – I’ll post more about them depending how they work out!  Fingers crossed!

In other news, yesterday Dave left me a box of raspberries on my desk at work as a surprise.  It was the best and so delicious!  A month or two ago Dave and I had a conversation that while I love getting flowers, oftentimes I’d rather get raspberries than flowers.  He remembered and brought me some!

What do you prefer?  Flowers or something else?  If flowers, what kind?  If something else, what? If I’m getting flowers I love daffodils.  But raspberries beat flowers in my opinion!


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  1. Those first movements are so exciting! It felt like popcorn to me. I’d say the raspberries definitely beat out the flowers. I would pick food, especially berries right now, over flowers any day.

  2. Congrats on feeling the baby. I always liked felling the kicks because then you know the baby is progressing as planned.

    I will take a pint of ice cream (chocolate with peanut butter swirl) over a boquet of flowers any day! When John thinks out of the box- it means so much more to me.

  3. So exciting about feeling baby making him/herself known!

    That is also supersweet that your hubby remembered about the raspberries. I think I’d rather get something yummy like that (or a recess peanut butter cup) than flowers. But, considering I rarely get flowers, even those would be great every now and then.

  4. That’s great about the baby! I’m so happy for you three! I can’t wait to meet him/her in a few months.

  5. Yea! This makes me very happy! I think that’s the thing I miss most about pregnancy is feeling the baby move. It’s so cool to have a little some-what-independant life (parasite) growing in you and swimming about.

    I pretty much take anything Aaron will give to me. I probably prefer food items to flowers (chocolate, candy, or any of my food fetishes). However, he does stop each August alongside the road and pick me a pile of lilies that grow in the ditches – I always love that and look forward to it. And daffodils are my definite favorite flower – probably because it gives me hope that spring has finally arrived! It was also the first flower Aaron ever gave to me.

  6. awwww. LOVE IT. He’s going to be such a runner (oops, did I just say he? that’s my guess . .. 🙂

  7. Joel says: ‘yeah, she’s pregnant, of course she wants food instead of flowers!’
    I say: YAY BABY!!!! Mini is on the move – I can’t wait for Dave to feel the baby next – I bet it’ll be before your appointment!!!!

    I would love to be surprised by going out to eat 🙂 or Dove chocolate.

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