sam’s club?

The winner of the reader recipe poll is zucchini cookie bars!  Actually, it was a tie, so I just picked the more unique one of the two.  (Here’s the recipe I was going to use/modify for oatmeal chocolate chip.)  Recipe and review Friday morning!

And here are our groceries for the week!  These come from four stores this week, because Dave’s mom picked us up some salmon from Sam’s Club.  We don’t have a membership there, although we’re considering it now that we have a big freezer in the basement.  We need to do some more research/walking the store to find out if it would be worth it.


  • 2 heads cauliflower
  • spinach
  • 2 sweet potatoes
  • 1.5lbs. zucchini
  • 2lbs. green grapes
  • cottage cheese
  • peanut butter
  • baking powder
  • small container greek yogurt (plain)
  • Strawberry Awake (Walmart-version of Special K with Red Berries)
  • Special K Chocolatey Delight
  • 6lbs. bananas (that seems absurd)
  • 1 gallon milk

Total: $39.01


  • 4lbs. frozen broccoli
  • 1lb. frozen raspberries

Total: $6.85

Sam’s Club:

  • 6 salmon fillets

Total: $15


  • 5.3lbs. jazz apples

Total: $5.29

Grand Total: $66.15

Shopping WIN of the day: apples at Kroger $1/lb.  I got 10 apples for $5.29… with a savings of $5.24 (without Kroger card).  Crazy when you spend almost what you saved, too!

Unfortunately, the rest of Monday wasn’t as money-saving, with an eye-exam, a one year supply of contacts, and a fix for the muffler (luckily a bracket and a pipe and not the whole system).  Let’s just say that with rising gas prices and the aforementioned items, March’s monthly budget has taken a real hit.  Boooo.

AND I forgot to get stamps at Kroger.  Dang.  I always forget them, since they’re on my list but I get them after I checkout.

Do you have an item (or items) you always forget?

Do you have a Sam’s Club membership?  Worth it?


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  1. We had a Sam’s membership for several years when the kids were young. I found the prices for diapers and formula to be low enough there to warrant the membership fee alone. There are other good bargains too – cereal, coffee, batteries, some produce items – but I think you really have to be careful about the price/quantity relation and impulse control while you are there. You seem remarkably good with money so it will probably be a good option for you to think about, especially with a child in your family. I ended up cancelling our membership once the kids were out of diapers because I hated when I would send Scott out for two items and would come home with a $300 bill because there were tempting things there that he claimed he couldn’t live without because they were a good deal.

  2. WE LOVE LOVE LOVE sam’s club. and it really is worth it. trust me…we’ve spent several sunday afternoons going between aldi/wal-mart/and sams and calculating the price/ounce of all the necessities .

    this is also considering that we are NOT at a point yet where we can afford to buy everything organic/local etc. it’s an ongoing debate in our house…and until we come to a better conclusion…the sam’s membership definitely pays for itself. and lately our club has increasingly expanded it’s selection of organic products (even backed up by the ingredient label)…and some things that are non-GMO as well.

    some of the things that are consistenly a better deal at sam’s:
    organic baby spinach
    chocolate chips
    diced tomatos
    tomato sauce
    cereal (even organic granola)
    off brand sudafed (matt basically eats it like candy during allergy season)
    toilet paper
    paper towels
    dish washer detergent
    baking soda (a HUGE bag that then can be used for shampoo/cleaning/toothpaste/etc.)
    olive oil

    also – if you make ONE large purchase (tires, tv, etc.) a year – it will pay for your membership.

    some things are NOT a better deal:
    sour cream
    cottage cheese (unless you buy 5 lbs of it!)
    eggs. there is a local cage free farm that is cheaper for us.

  3. I have a Sam’s membership through my work. They pay for the membership and the hubs and I both get cards. Score for me. I don’t shop there enough though but when my youngest was still in diapers, I shopped there for those and wipes.

    As forgetting things, I do it all the time. I honestly need to write down a list when I go but I would probably forget the list in the car or something.

    Love your grocery buys. I so wish I could walk away from Walmart with that much money spent. I’m doing really good if I can get out of there for less than $100 a week.

  4. We have Sam’s club too- initially purchased when I was pregnant with Jack.

    Things we buy:
    raw chicken breasts & chicken tenderloins
    pork tenderloin
    parm cheese (cut it up and freeze it in smaller portions)
    ciabatta rolls
    bacon (divide it up in smaller quantities and freeze)
    milk (only if convenient as the price difference is less than $.10)
    jimmy dean sausage biscuits
    pillsbury frozen biscuits
    shredded cheese
    chocolate chips
    Dunkin Donuts coffee
    flavored brats/sausages from the meat dept.
    toilet paper
    paper towels
    super pretzel

    Have bought:

    Used to buy:
    formula (until Henry started to need the specialized reduced gas one- Sam’s doesn’t carry it).

    And- we love the snack bar for cheap lunch out (pizza slice, hot dog and soft pretzels are all good).

    I agree with others though, you need to watch the impulse buys- that is why I prefer we go as a family early on the weekends before the crowds get bad- so I can supervise what goes in the cart.

    Every once in a while we will try a new frozen food product if we have tasted it first in the store. We got some mozz sticks that are super good.

  5. Hey Kim! We have a Sam’s membership and love it. They have GREAT prices on diapers, formula and baby food. I am 20 weeks pregnant and was running until this pregnancy. I had to stop due to being high risk. Hope your pregnancy continues to go well.

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