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man sweaters

18 weeks.  I really don’t feel much bigger than week 17.  And a little bigger than week 16.  I suppose I’ll start really growing soon.  Fingers crossed!

This sweater is one of two I scored at Old Navy on clearance.  The other is green, and a v-neck.  Both are men’s.  They’re comfy, perfect for spring (lightweight, but still warm), and – best of all – were a total of $11.67.  Love that.  Plus, I have room to grow in them.

Current song I love: Bulletproof by La Roux.  Definitely getting added to my running mix.

What music are you digging lately?

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4 thoughts on “man sweaters

  1. I am really diggin’ the new Ke$ha song “Blow”! And I hate to admit, but that new J-Lo song is growing on me.

    You look so cute!

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