shopping day

Today I met up with Rachel, one of my best friends since high school.  We spent a lot of the day shopping (Target, Old Navy, JC Penney, TJ Maxx, and Walmart) and somehow left mostly empty-handed.  Rachel scored a pair of gloves and a cardigan from Target for $5.11 – total.  And I had a $10 off $10 or more coupon to use at JC Penney.  We scoured the score (maternity, active wear, purses, shoes, scarves, jewelry, dresses, etc.) and came up empty-handed.  Just when I was about to give in, Rachel suggested dish towels.  Not very exciting, but I picked up these two towels (black and white – sorry for the poor cellphone picture) for free!  They came in at $9.98, so I wasn’t sure they would take my coupon, but they did!

We also watched the movie Honey, which is horribly fabulous.  And by that, I mean it’s one of those movies you watch just to make fun of it.  I hadn’t seen it before but ended up predicting about 90% of the movie.  We also enjoyed veggie burgers off the grill (delicious) and I got to sneak in some basketball games, too.  A wonderful Saturday – and tomorrow I get to see two of my sisters!!