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Happily, the second trimester seems to have brought more running with it.  While I still have tired days, I do seem to have more energy right now for running, which I love.  Warmer temps and sunshine certainly don’t hurt things either!

Yesterday I ran 5.3 miles in 51:28, 9:43 pace.  I started in capris and 2 long sleeve shirts, but ended in capris, one long sleeve shirt, and wishing I had worn shorts.  Vitamin D fix definitely obtained.

This morning’s run was much, much different.  It was dark, for one.  It was WAY colder, for another: 28 degrees this time (say it with me: boooo).  However, mileage and pace, still similar.  5 miles in 49:27, 9:53 pace.  I didn’t see a single other person on my run until the last 3 minutes.  Sleepy Saturday, apparently!

I’m off to Ohio today – better get moving to finish packing!  (Who are we kidding – I’m mostly concerned about what snacks I’ll pack for the road.)

What did your Saturday workout look like?


5 thoughts on “more running

  1. Glad you are still able to get out there & run. Plus, your preggers pace blows my non-preggers pace out of the water! You are one speedy momma 🙂

    My Saturday was a little (haha) 11 mile group training run (group used very loosly since I was no where close to the group after about 2 minutes had elapsed). I’m extremely proud that I averaged a 10:45-ish pace & finished in just under 2 hours.

  2. Ha ha. I focus heavily on snacks for the road too.

    Ah spring. Warm one day, awful the next. I can’t wait for the permanent warm!

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