things that taste good

Things I’m loving right now:

  • Quaker Oats Chocolate Chunk granola bars

  • Annie’s white cheddar shells

  • green grapes

  • frozen raspberries (I’d love fresh but frozen are cheaper right now)

  • Peeps!

  • quinoa, broccoli, and goat cheese (no picture but mmmm it’s fantastic!)

What have you been loving lately?


6 thoughts on “things that taste good

  1. OMG – I love Peeps. I have to let them get stale first but that’s just me.

    I have been loving milk, apple juice, wasabi almonds and whoppers. So, with the exception of the almonds, I am about 5 years old again.

  2. Peeps? Really? I guess our similarities end there. I despise peeps. My brother has always adored them, though. My latest kicks (some are ongoing for awhile): avocados, honey roasted sunflower seeds, apples with peanut butter on them, roasted sweet potatoes, and my parmesan herb bread – another bread recipe you need to try from me.

  3. There is a bread store in Ft. Wayne that sells day old bread for, like, pennies! I am obsessed with cinnamon swirl and 100% whole wheat brown sugar swirl. I had a whole loaf 3 days I think. Oops. P.s. I am on a carb kick for sure! (oh, and maybe we can hit up the bread store in April on tea party day?!)

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