cord dilemma

We had a cord dilemma at the desk in our kitchen:

Kind of a big mess.  Initially we thought we’d suspend the whole mess under the desk, and just the cords up that we needed to.  But we really didn’t know when we’d have the time to tackle it all.

Problem solved:

We bought this white cardboard storage box from Walmart for $8.  It has silver accents that match our kitchen drawer pulls.  We simply cut out one entire side of the box and ta-da:

No more mess!  We’re planning on adding some other organizational pieces similar to the box so it’ll look like it’s just part of our system.  Cords are organized and out of the way and it was a lot simpler (and faster) than figuring out how to get all the cords wrangled underneath the desk and the right cords running cleanly up the side of the counter.  Now we just have one black cord coming from the shelf to the box, and we plan on running it against the wall using some mini clear 3M hooks.

What was a recent house/apartment success for you? My other successes yesterday involved roasting some almonds and getting some laundry done, including – my favorite – clean sheets!

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5 thoughts on “cord dilemma

  1. Very proud of your organizational skills! When we were there at christmas I was definitely jealous of all the drawers, cabinets, closets, nooks, etc your house has! You’ll fill them in no time when the baby comes?

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