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17 weeks

I had a great weekend mileage-wise: 8 mile run on Saturday and a 6 mile walk last night.  But then this morning’s run totally tanked.  3 miles and all of it felt really hard.  I have a slight cold that hasn’t bothered me much before, but made running this morning really difficult.  I could not get a decent breath.  After I got home Dave noted, “it sounds like you really pushed it the last little bit to the house though.”  Nope, that was just how heavy I was breathing running at a 10 minute pace.  Boo.

We have a baby appointment this afternoon!  17 weeks, or the last week of the 4th month.

Bump is definitely bigger, although some days still feels more like a gut than a bump.  Other exciting news: my cousin sent us an email with a bunch of baby stuff she’s gifting us now that she’s done with babies: a boppy, a bumbo seat, a baby bjorn, and more!  We feel so blessed!

I’m also crazy hungry today, but trying to eat small snacks spaced apart and drink lots of water.  Can’t wait for lunch – quinoa and broccoli!

Do you have crazy hungry days?  What do you do to satiate the beast? I just eat more, but try to focus on fruit and other healthy snacks.


6 thoughts on “17 weeks

  1. Just remember, you are eating for 2! Feel free to indulge a little bit, unless it makes you feel bad. Feel free to eat a little more ice cream than you normally do!

  2. Your bump is cute! But I do know that “it’s a gut, not a baby” feeling.

    When I’m super hungry, I just snack on the best foods I can find – fruits, veggies, 100-calorie packs of almonds. Cereal is a perennial fave, too.

  3. Oh, your bump is so cute!!! I love it! Yea for freebie baby stuff!
    I’m having a hungry day today too. I too am trying to snack on healthier stuff, though I’d really like to eat a big bowl of ice cream.

  4. I just stumbled across your blog. Congratulations! I’m just about 23 weeks and I have crazy hunger! I try to keep apples with peanut butter handy, almonds and lots of water. Sometimes I think I’m hungry but I actually just need more water.

  5. How did the appointment go? Your little bump is so cute! I hope we get to see all the stuff your cousin is sending!

    I have crazy hungry days too and try to eat fruits and veggies. Sometimes I just want carbs carbs carbs though!

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