saturday WINS

  1. Got a nice 8 mile run in this morning.  It started out sunny and windy and ended cloudy and very windy.  Felt so good!  1:18:40, 9:50 pace. I’m very thankful pregnancy has thus far allowed me to keep running.
  2. I ran in running pants and a cotton long-sleeve tshirt.  ONE LAYER, folks.  Glory glory.
  3. Dave and I hung out with our tax lady and are officially finished with our 2010 taxes.  Well, we’re one check and a stamp away.  I call that close enough.
  4. I had a friend talk about caesar salads and it made me want one.  Made a big one for lunch (I might have used a square casserole dish for easy stirring) with greens, 2 scrambled eggs, peas, parmesan, and dressing.  Devoured.
  5. Time left in the day for reading and some much-needed house cleaning.  I should start with dusting but who wants to bet the book wins out?

What were your Saturday WINS?


3 thoughts on “saturday WINS

  1. 70 degrees and sunshine is my saturday win! I actually think i’m going to take my book up to the pool and read/soak in the sun!

  2. Wow. That is an awesome Saturday! And great job on that run!

    Saturday win for me was the short nap I just took with Data. And we are going to Whole Foods tonight for dinner!

  3. Best crock pot meal EVER, thanks to my sister. Kyle & I getting haircuts together (ridiculous, but fun nonetheless). 2 movies tonight, both excellent. The first relaxing weekend in 2011!

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