The highlight of Dave and I’s morning?  The mail came at 9am!  We used to get our mail at 3 or 4pm everyday, but our mailman seems to be taking a new route, and now we get mail in the mornings!  We lead a thrilling and dangerous life over here, where mail routes provide joy and wonder.

Bonus: what came in the mail!

Go pick up a freebie of your own: http://www.quakeroats.com/share/ (I probably did this over a month ago, so it takes awhile for them to come.)

We love Quaker Oat Squares but don’t generally buy them unless they’re on sale.  Yesterday at the hotel I had some Kashi Go Lean cereal and while sometimes I find Kashi to taste like cardboard, that cereal made my life yesterday.  I went back for seconds.  Last year I was completely addicted to Honey Nut Spins and this year I love to snack on Rice Chex.  And Dave is always a big fan of Life cereal.

What’s your favorite kind of cereal?


4 thoughts on “cereal

  1. My favorite is Special K Chocolatey Delight. While pregnant with baby no. 2 I had gestational diabetes and was told to lay off all sugars, so this meant no ice cream. In order to get my ice cream fix, I opted to try Special K Chocolatey Delight. I became hooked. She turned 3 last Friday.

  2. Oh man, I LOVE cereal. Kashi GoLean has been my go-to for almost two years now – for a special treat I dig into Trader Joe’s Toffee Crunch (toffee clusters, flakes, almonds, pecans, oh my!) I also love Oatmeal Squares, and I like frosted mini-wheats and…that’s probably sufficient. But I could go on and on 🙂

  3. my new favorite is cinnamon burst cheerios – i am a sucker for anything that is ‘new’ or ‘extreme’ or any other marketing ploy 🙂
    remember when you tried banana nut cheerios at our house and wanted to gag? that was weird. and wrong. i love those!

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