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After the conference my coworker and I grabbed Panera to go for dinner (I love Panera’s black bean soup!) and came back to the hotel.  I ate in the hotel room while watching tv.  I’m out of books to read (I read all of mine waiting in the airport on Monday) so I was just watching tv.  And then I figured as long as I’m watching tv, I might as well be moving.  So I moved to the fitness center and walked while I watched for awhile.  I walked 4 miles in 56:07, about a 14 minute/mile pace.  I would walk at an easy 15 minute/mile pace during the show, then increase to a 13:20 pace for commercials.

While I was walking I wore the race shirt I got from the Fort Lauderdale half marathon.

The shirt is by thriv and I love it.

It’s the comfiest workout shirt I have – soft as an old cotton tshirt that’s been washed a lot, but with a bit of silkiness to it, too.  And it wicks sweat well, dries fast, and feels light.  I can’t imagine chafing in this shirt because it’s just too soft!

I did a little research and found that thriv makes other workout clothes, too.  I eyed a half-zip jacket, this super cute tshirt, and these running shorts:

One thing that wasn’t as comfy as my tshirt?  The blister that randomly cropped up on the back of my heel.  I didn’t feel it til mile 2.5, and by then I was determined to finish the last 1.5.  It looks worse than it felt.

Not sure how that happened.  I don’t normally get blisters, but maybe it was walking in my running shoes that did it?

Have you ever worn thriv clothes?  What’s your favorite brand of workout gear?


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  1. That’s an impressive looking blister! I don’t own workout clothes, so I can’t help you with that one. I also have never had issues with chaffing.

  2. Wow-that is quite a blister. Hope it heals quickly! It’s funny, I have more issues with my feet hurting when I walk than when I run. I walked a 5 mile thing with my hubby last year and it about killed me. But run 5 miles? I’ve got that. Weird.

    I’ve heard of thriv but haven’t tried any of their clothes. Pretty much everything I own is a combo of Nike, Ascics and New Balance, with a few cheapies from Target thrown in. I have to say, I’m pretty much sold on performance gear. You will NEVER catch me working out in a plain cotton t-shirt or shorts.

  3. Oww! I’ve heard bad things can happen when you wear running shoes to walk in (but who wants to buy walking shoes?).

  4. Not too particular about workout gear, but I swear by Powersox by Gold Toe. You can get them at Dick’s. I love low cut socks, and these actually stay put, so no shoes rubbing the backs of my heels when I run.

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