OK City

After the long day yesterday, I was asleep by 8:30 last night!  I have a whole king bed to myself, so I used all the pillows to create faux body pillows on either side of me, to help me stay sleeping on my side.  I slept awesome, and woke up at 5:45 to get a run in.  The fitness room was very warm – 75 degrees – so I alternated a quarter mile of fast walking with three quarters of a mile running at a 9:30 pace.  I finished 4 miles in 42:43 a good sweaty mess.  I think hotels need to rethink their fitness center placement – often it’s right off the pool, which makes it SO stinkin’ warm!  Still, it was a decent treadmill and I got a workout in, so I’m grateful.  Felt good to move after sitting all day yesterday.  I think all I did yesterday was sit, read, and eat!

Here’s my hotel confession: I always take the pen(s) they leave on the desk.  I think they write better than other pens!  Dave teases me for my hotel pen hoarding (and how protective I am of them).  Do you have any strange traveling or hotel quirks?

The winner of the reader recipe poll is gourmet grilled cheese!  Check back for the recipe and review Friday morning!


5 thoughts on “OK City

  1. seriously why is it so steamy in the workout room?? I am now obsessed with the tv on treadmills that most of the hotels have now…aweeesome.

    hmm strange hotel thing… i will take the tea packets home with me if I like them and didn’t use them

  2. I always keep my room keys! I probably shouldn’t any more because now I have a ridiculous stash that I don’t know what to do with.

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