airport dweller

Yesterday was a long day.  A loooong day.

I’m in Oklahoma City through Wednesday morning for a conference for work.  The original plan was for me to fly to Oklahoma City from Fort Wayne and to arrive at 10AM.  My coworker was going to fly from Indianapolis and arrive at 11AM.  Here’s how the day really broke down:

  • 4AM: wake up
  • 4:45AM: leave my aunt and uncle’s house
  • 5:15AM: arrive at airport
  • 6:15AM: leave Fort Wayne airport
  • 8:35AM: arrive in Dallas.  Receive text from my coworker that her flight got delayed, rerouted, and she now won’t get in til 2:30PM.
  • 9:15AM: depart Dallas
  • 10AM: arrive in Oklahoma City
  • 10:30AM: grab a burrito from Moe’s before I leave the terminal.  Check in at the car rental place, pick up our car key, then head back to the terminal to wait for my coworker.
  • 11AM: inhale burrito
  • 11:10AM: realize I’m now stuck in the most boring airport ever.  Ticket counters, one coffee shop, that’s it.  No place to walk, no places to browse for fun.  Thanks goodness I grabbed a burrito.
  • 11:15AM: start reading
  • 2PM: realize my coworker’s flight has been delayed again.  New ETA: 3:30PM.
  • 2:45PM: finish my book.
  • 3PM: randomly see my friend’s dad in the airport.  Briefly talk.
  • 3:18PM: Coworker’s plane lands
  • 3:45: finally leave airport
  • 4:30: arrive at hotel
  • 4:45: go to dinner at McAlister’s
  • 6PM: back at the hotel, in pajamas

I was in bed early. What made the day even longer?  Oklahoma City is an hour behind, so all in all, it was one crazy long day.  For all that sitting and reading I was so tired!

Yes, I could have taken the rental car and gone somewhere and come back to the airport, but I am terrible (really terrible) at directions, and it seemed like a recipe for me to be lost somewhere.  I don’t have a smart phone and the car didn’t have GPS, so it was just a big recipe for disaster.

What’s your favorite airport? I love small airports for checking in, but if I’m stranded please please please give me a big one!

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6 thoughts on “airport dweller

  1. Flying out of of FW? Now that’s an exciting airport … NOT. I think FW and South Bend are the least exciting airports on the planet. Omaha, Memphis (where I once had to spend the night), Toledo and Dayton are boring, too. I’m a huge fan of O’Hare for pure variety. Atlanta and Detroit are good, too.

    Have a good time at your conference and travel safely!

  2. Oh geez, those early travel days really are long 😦 Maybe I’m a bit biased since I’m from here, but I like the Minneapolis airport… there are some great restaurant options (a lot of local restaurants have smaller shops there) and it’s always clean, which is a plus!

  3. Ugh! What a pain! I feel bad that you have this conference when you had to travel for one last week too.

    I remember liking the Detroit airport, but am not sure why 🙂

  4. Joel flies through that airport a lot when he travels to work in OK. Wish he would have been there yesterday to keep you company! Happy king size bed to yourself!!!

  5. My worst time was the in Charleston airport. They have ONE place to get food – it does prepackaged deli sandwiches and pot coffee (burned at that). My favorites – hmm, tough. I do LOVE Reagan National – also Detroit (so new! and with a big tram!) – also I spent 8 not-so-terrible hours in Tampa, with the hotel and mall attached.

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