the deep freeze

Recently friends of ours moved from Goshen to Phoenix.  In the move they gave us a bunch of baby stuff (score!) and also sold us their freezer chest!  I was really excited to get this and am ready to start filling it with meals and other goodies!

This guy is really pretty big – he comes up to my waist and is probably 4 feet across.  Lots o’ room.  We’ll keep the freezer in the basement (steps are right off the kitchen).  So far it’s unplugged and waiting to be cleaned… and also waiting to be filled.  Sometime soon I’ll get on that!

What are your favorite freezer recipes?


6 thoughts on “the deep freeze

  1. I am so jealous of your freezer-it sounds like the size of alice ann’s. When it’s full you get to go freezer diving because it is so deep! Bread, soups,blueberries,choc chip cookies…all good freezer staples!

  2. my current favorite freezer foods are cookie dough balls – pull them out and you can have a few warm cookies every day! don’t have to bake a ton!
    i make full size casserole meals and then freeze half to bake later
    stock up on anything when its a good price and freeze (breads, hamburger – i cook first, cheese) and of course, homemade BABY FOOD!

  3. I want one so I can buy all the organic, grass grazing cow I can manage raised in Amish country! 🙂 You will have too much fun with this . . . ! all the sales and triple coupons! hmmmmm . . .

  4. pesto, chipotles in adobo (i use them all the time), cheese, soup, veggies, fruit, Ezekial bread, most importantly Lillian’s summer popcicles

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