I think I have the start of a bump.  (How do you pose for these pictures without looking like a total goon?  Is it possible?)

15 weeks and 5 days, so let’s just call it 16 weeks.

Some days it looks like a gut, some days a bump.  I’m going to be optimistic and say yesterday was a bump.

Truth: I actually can’t wait to get bigger.  C’mon, baby!

Weekend highlights: some good running and getting tax stuff organized with Dave.  Still ahead: getting to see my good friend Richele and my aunt and uncle!

Weekend lowlight: it snowed again.

What were your weekend highlights and lowlights?


9 thoughts on “bump?

  1. It’s definitely the start of a bump! I think I felt the same way about that time. Heck, I still feel like mine is a gut.

    Highlight: It was warm when we walked the dog Saturday a.m.
    And lowlight: It was snowing when we left Target Saturday afternoon. This winter is killing me.

  2. highlight: last day of teaching a Saturday class, looking forward to taking the kids to the arboretum this morning to see the blooming tulips

    lowlight: spent four hours at work yesterday morning (Saturday class) and the rest of the day was consumed with chores

    Take lots of those pictures so that you can have a visual memory of how your body changed. A friend of mine told me to do that when pregnant and I was glad I did even though it is not something I would have thought to do on my own. I wore the same thing every time (sports bra and yoga pants) and took a new photo each month starting about where you are (month 4).

  3. you’re adorable!
    highlight: abby and her fiance mat came over last night for 5 luxurious hours of conversation and getting to know him
    lowlight: joel just left like 10 minutes ago for Mexico for the week 😦

  4. That’s definitely the start of a bump! I’m sure you guys are so excited to become parents.

    Highlight: I ran 8.25 miles with a running group. First time doing a group run that wasn’t a race and I didn’t get left in the dust. Even chicked a couple guys!
    Lowlight: Mike & I put $98 worth of gas in our cars. There is so much other stuff I’d rather spend $ on.

    1. I can’t wait to see my Chickie either! Love that little bump… c’mon baby! We are so excited to meet you!

  5. Highlight – seeing your bump! And having a relaxing schedule. And running another fast long run 🙂

    Lowlight – snow. Computer issues. WAH!

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