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I set out for a run this morning hoping for a long-ish – maybe 10-13 miles.  I took along GU chomps (blueberry pomegranate!).  The weather was decent – mid thirties, overcast, but with a slightly chilly wind that, at times, was a bit too strong.  At mile 4 I stopped at the college to go to the bathroom and assessed how I was feeling.  Tired, really.  I felt tired and frankly, I looked tired.  I left the gym thinking I would do just one more mile loop, then head home.  But then I stopped and turned around.  When I was marathon training it was important to push past tiredness (mental or physical) and stretch myself.  But pregnant, it’s more important I listen to my body.  And if I’m tired, I’m tired.  I don’t want to run to the point of exhaustion (nor am I supposed to).  So I went home.  5 miles in 48:53.  Not the long run I anticipated, but a good run.  And a run that ended when it should.

When do you push through tiredness and when do you give in?


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  1. I push through when I think my fatigue is related to laziness. Now, more than ever -especially if you are still in your first trimester – it’s important to not push through. You’ll feel more energy come week 14.

    1. I’m almost to week 16 and yeah, my energy has returned some. I had a long day yesterday for work, which I think added to today’s tiredness. I totally agree about pushing through when it’s laziness! Thanks, Kim!

  2. You definitely shouldn’t push it, and I always push through unless there is pain involved than it’s just time to stop!

  3. Good for you for being able to give in and knowing when to quit! I have a hard time with that. I don’t stop when I am tired (mentally) but do when it’s physical and a “bad” tired!

  4. i don’t think any of us truly give ourselves credit for how long the body needs to recover from the full thrashing it takes in a marathon. so no worries you’ll be back at it when you are ready and today, glad you listened to your body 🙂

  5. I was going to run a half in May but I’ll be in Cali when it’s happening (darn). But my friend is running it and needs company for long runs, so I volunteered I would be his long run buddy companion. This will probably push me to improve my time (I can only hope) and where I offered to yell and cheer him on these long runs, it might be the other way around. haha That’s how I’ll push through 😉 (and let’s be honest, I don’t want to be completely blown away by a boy, so that might motivate, too. haha)

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