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morning apple muffin fail

I made apple oatmeal muffins last week.  They’re delicious.  But apparently if I eat them on an empty stomach, I feel sick and dizzy when I stand up.  Sounds bizarre, I know, but I ate them both yesterday and this morning and both mornings really struggled with feeling sick.  (Flashback: I realized last summer that if I ate apples before a run I got horrible stomach cramps and nausea.  Similarities?)

Once I realized the muffin problem I chased them down with a small granola bar, hoping other food in the mix might even things out.  And I did eventually get out the door for a (very cold) run.  Hooray!  Lesson learned.  Apple muffins = afternoon snack.

I ran just shy of 6 miles in 57:55.  Highlights of the run: I saw two cardinals, got lots of sun on my face, watched a cat walking on the ice, and got to run in new shoes!.

Running is so much more fun when it isn’t snowy and dodging sheets of ice.  There are only a few patches of snow still to melt here and there.  I am NOT sad to see it go.  If it snows again before spring comes, I really might lose it.

Deena Kastor (Olympic marathoner and total awesomeness) had her first baby last week!  Here’s what she had to say about delivery:

I was told repeatedly throughout my pregnancy that giving birth was like running a marathon. To that, I say certainly not. Giving birth was more painful from the very start as opposed to merely hurting the final 10K, it lasted longer than 2 hours 19 minutes, and the scenery never changed as time ticked by.

I figure I have a leg up on Deena, as my marathons certainly take much, much longer than 2:19, so I’ll be better prepared.  Right?  Right?!?  Ha!


5 thoughts on “morning apple muffin fail

  1. Weird about the apple muffins. I can’t eat bananas before I run, but Banana Nuun is just fine. Go figure.

    Hopefully the snow and ice will soon be gone for both of us.

  2. I like the quote, but to add something I would say that the gift you have after childbirth is much greater than the reward following a marathon. Childbirth is just a process – albeit a precious experience – on the road to meeting your child. A marathon is a process to experiencing the rewarding feeling of successfully accomplishing a goal you set for yourself. Keeping the big picture, and the precious reward you will hold in your arms in the end, in mind nullifies the pain aspect of childbirth.

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