Reader recipe poll winner: stuffed tomatoes!  Look for the recipe and review Friday morning.

Recently my sister, Kelly, sent me some pregnancy tea that she makes.  She drinks this just because it’s delicious, but she originally made it for an expecting friend.  It’s very fragrant, but the taste is light and mild and slightly sweet.  It’s delicious!

The ingredients:

  • raspberry leaves
  • nettle
  • oatstraw
  • alfalfa
  • red clover blossoms
  • spearmint
  • rosehips
  • rose petals
  • catnip
  • lavender
  • chamomile
  • fennel

I don’t drink this every day, but I’ll probably have a mug 2-3 times a week.  Since I’ve given up coffee and am often too lazy to make decaf, it’s nice to have another “warm mug” alternative.  Plus, I can definitely see myself drinking this after pregnancy, too.  It’s just a great tea!

Are you a tea or coffee person?  What’s your favorite kind of either? I love coffee, but sometimes tea hits the spot.  My favorite is blackberry sage, but it’s a black tea and too caffeinated for me right now!

Check back tomorrow for a February book post, part 2!


4 thoughts on “tea

  1. I’m more of a Diet Pepsi kinda girl. I had to start drinking Diet after I found out I had Gestational Diabetes with my last baby. I haven’t gone back to regular coke or pepsi since. I have also just picked up drinking coffee. I have two cups in the morning.

  2. I’m a tea, coffee, and water girl!

    Can I ask you why you gave up coffee? I’m curious and thinking about it…

  3. what about hot chocolate?! i can make a mean hot chocolate 🙂 favorite tea is honey vanilla with extra sweet honey 🙂 i do enjoy coffee with the perfect amount of creamer (shout out to dave!) right now i love any creamer with cinnamon in it.
    p.s. – catnip?! that HAS to have caffeine, right?!

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