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the run that didn’t

Yesterday I got all ready to run and then this happened:

Which led to this:

Me, bald and with a do-rag. I actually love rain runs, but not when it’s cold outside.  Warm rain runs = fun and refreshing.  Cold rain runs = just plain cold.

So instead I changed BACK out of my running clothes, into sweats, made dinner, and hung out with Dave and my book.  Not a bad trade, really.

Although I missed not running in new running shoes.  I realized I’ve put over 500 miles on my last pair… time to bust into the new ones!  I love that first new-pair-of-shoes run!  Fingers crossed that today after work I can give them a try!


4 thoughts on “the run that didn’t

  1. I dislike rain running during the winter months also, summer they are manageable… seems that’s alot of what we have gotten this winter up to the north- and to the east!


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