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After the half marathon last Sunday, I ran on Monday, 3 “loosening up” miles.  And then I didn’t run Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.  The reason basically boiled down to this: I was tired.  Partly I was tired from running, but moreso I was tired from a couple late nights/early mornings and life busyness.  Running just felt like it would take energy I didn’t have.  Yesterday I planned on running, but then we had a birthday party for our niece in the morning and then Dave and I went and saw The King’s Speech (excellent!) at the theater.  At 5pm I was sweepering the house and I thought again about running.  So I got dressed.  Then I told Dave “I both want to go and don’t want to go.”  Dave said, “past experience has shown that 9 times out of 10 you come back really happy you went.”

So I went.

He was right.

I came back so happy.

It was lightly snowing on my run but warm enough that I wore only pants, a short sleeve shirt, a fleece jacket, and no gloves or hat.  (The snow was actually pretty, but I don’t want to admit that since I am sick and tired of winter and ready for spring.  Now.)

I did a 4 mile loop at a decent speed, or a decent speed for me now (my “speed” now is more what my normal runs used to be.  Oh well.).  4 miles in 37:29.  First 2 miles in 19:00, last 2 miles in 18:29 (hooray negative splits).  Average pace 9:22.

Dave and I spent the evening reading by the fire and eating banana soft serve ice cream (extra peanut buttery).  Then shower and to bed with wet hair, which explains the absolutely CRAZY bed-head look I have going on right now.  Church today, homemade tomato soup with friends, and another run this afternoon, when it’s supposed to be almost 40!  Dare I wear capris on that run???

What was your last really feel-good workout?

PS: happy birthday, mom!!!

This lady is the absolute best.  She’s funny, intentional, an amazing cook, and raised some pretty awesome kids, if I do say so myself.  I will be a better mom myself because of the example my mom has given me.  I love that now my mom is my friend, and can’t wait to see her again!


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