post-vacation groceries

The post-vacation empty fridge is now full!  I’ll split the cost between this week and next week, since a lot of what I bought will get eaten next week.  Here’s how it  broke down:

Produce: $34.66

  • 2.5lbs. green grapes
  • 2lbs. red grapes
  • spinach
  • 3lbs. bananas
  • 2lbs. frozen peaches
  • 1lb. frozen blackberries
  • 1 cantaloupe
  • 1lb. strawberries
  • 3.5lbs. pears
  • frozen peas
  • .5lbs. green beans

Staples: $28.72

  • coconut oil
  • peanut butter
  • box of 8 strawberry and peach yogurts (I’ve been wanting to try yogurt to curb my sweet tooth)
  • tortillas
  • popcorn
  • goat cheese
  • rice chex
  • dried apricots
  • granola bars
  • half and half

For fun: $3.66

  • mini reese’s eggs
  • bunny peeps

Grand total: $67.04

Two-ish weeks of groceries for only $7 over the $60/week goal!  I’m really happy with that!  And still some room in the budget next week if I need to pick up a few things.  I either bought or already have ingredients for a couple upcoming meals: spinach and goat cheese raviolis, tomato soup, and lentil soup.  Easy!

What are your favorite easter candies? Clearly Dave and I are suckers for the reese’s holiday cups, but I also love peeps!  I can’t stand cadbury eggs!


5 thoughts on “post-vacation groceries

  1. P.S. How crazy that you don’t like Cadbury eggs. They used to be my absolute favorite candy ever. My mom would buy me a three-pack for Easter and I would hoard them (I guess because I thought they were so delicious that I wanted to save them for a special occasion), so that by the time I came around to eating them they were a bit stale. Then I spent some time in England while in college and realized you could buy Cadbury eggs every single day at all the convenience stores. Needless to say that caused the novelty of the once-a-year egg treat to wear off and now I can’t remember the last time I had one. I feel like I missed out on special candies at Valentine’s Day this year so I plan to be extra careful about picking up good treats for Easter. Will have to try PB eggs.

  2. I would rejoice with your grocery bill. Every Meijer run seems to set us back $100+ (but we also have teenaged children to keep fed).

    I’m with you on the candy: peeps – LOVE them. Cadbury eggs – GAG.

  3. i think you told me you have Aldi’s- at least half of the items on your shopping list you can get at Aldi’s. here’s my challenge to you- try shopping there one week or month and see what the price difference is- i think you could save a lot of money! they have good produce and dairy and then all the cereals, pasta, etc you buy. you know me, always the bargain shopper!

  4. i dont’ like cadbury eggs either! joel loves anything reese’s and believes that the reese’s egg is where its at with the perfect chocolate to pb ratio 🙂
    right now our candy dish is full of dove milk chocolate eggs, buy 1 bag get 1 bag free at cvs this week!

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