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pet post, part 3

Kayla’s dog, Bennie (short for Abednego), is a bit of a particular dog.  Kayla said,

He can run exactly 3 miles and then he lays down and I am forced to carry him back home, which is a workout in itself. He loves to be carried like a kid with a legs around my hips and neck.  Oh and he likes to be put into his crate at exactly 9 PM every night.  He expects to kind of be tucked in.  We had friends watch him and she called me and said every night she put him in his crate/”home” he looked expectantly at her. I told her to tell him “I love you goodnight”. She called the next day and said as soon as she said that he laid down and went to sleep.

I love that Bennie has to be tucked in!

I saved Laura’s (my cousin) cat for last, because I just find it so bizarre and hilarious.  Everybody, meet Gayboy:

Here’s what Laura had to say about Gayboy:

Gayboy started out as Abigail/Abby- one of two female kittens John received from one of his students when he was teaching high school in September 2001.  The kittens were very young, and John took them to the vet to get a check-up and standard shots. Vet checked the cats out and sent John home with his two girl kitties.

Christmas time rolls around and John takes the kittens home with him to his parents house. His father is playing with Abby one afternoon and tells John  that he thinks one of the cats is a boy. John asks why he thinks that and his father says “because his tail is screwed on by two nuts.”. Turns outs his special boy parts were just starting to make their appearance. When John got back after the holidays and took the cats in for their operations the vet confirmed the cat was indeed a male. So the first thing we had to change was the name. We tried turning Abby into Abe-y (like Abe Lincoln)- and it worked for awhile.

John ended up getting laid off in December of that year and by February or so money was starting to get tight, so we decided to combine residences. That meant him and the cats move into the house I was renting.  Now I already had 2 cats of my own (females) – and in my house growing up we only had female cats because the one male cat my parents had when I was a baby sprayed everywhere- and my mother insisted on never going through that again- so my rule too was no male cats. How were we going to make this work?

As John and I started talking it through we started discussing some of Gayboy’s personality traits. He was absolutely beautiful (he is the softest, fluffiest, prettiest cat I have ever known), he loves attention and wants to be petted constantly, and when he is loved he drops little droplets of drool all over you (we call this “love juice”).  His overall demeanor is very feminine and so that night we declared and celebrated his gay-ness- and it just felt so right.  So we started calling him Gayboy- which also then gave him a green light to move into the “no male cat household.”

At first just John and I called him Gayboy- because anytime you said it in front of others you had to explain- or worry about possibly offending someone, etc. But as time passed we got so used to saying it we forgot to censor ourselves and just gave in to the telling of the story and explaining- and no one seemed offended- even our gay friends. So we are loud and proud about it now. Before we had kids we laughed about the day our kids would be talking about their pets in school and Gayboy would be thrown about in conversation. Well here we are several years down the road with 2 kids and Gayboy’s name written on both their daycare information forms as one of the pets at home. Jack (age 3) calls Gayboy by name – but of course doesn’t know it is any different than calling the other cats by their names. So far no issues- but possibly down the road there might be. My plan so far is to explain that Gayboy is such a happy kitty that is why we named him gay boy.

Um, I don’t think there’s a funnier cat story than that one right there.  Girl cat turns boy.  Cat drools when you pet it.  Awesome.

Here’s a last picture of Gayboy when he broke his paw a couple years ago and had to have it casted:

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  1. Oh my gosh, I love these stories! Bennie is too funny. And Gayboy?! Ha! I love the cast pic. One of our childhood cats broke her leg. Twice. The casts made us laugh so hard.

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