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I’m not really showing yet, but my waist is definitely changing.  I’m not as comfortable in some of my older, more form-fitting clothes right now.  So the other week Dave and I hit up Target for a couple shirts to give me room to grow:

A purple and a green shirt (Merona) from Target, plus a bellyband for my jeans.  The shirts aren’t maternity, but I got them big enough that even when I have a belly, they’ll still fit.  And the bellyband is awesome for my jeans.  I can still button my jeans, but it definitely isn’t comfortable when I do.  So this gives me a few more weeks in them.  And my dress pants all still fit, but will get extended with the belly band when the time comes.

Old Navy was having a great maternity sale, so I picked up these jeans:

Old Navy jeans come in “long”, which is the perfect length for me.  I tried on some similar jeans at JC Penneys, but they were all way too short.  These are long enough, super cute, fit well, and I love the “normal” looking waistband.  They came while I was in Florida, so I haven’t had a chance to try them out yet, but I’ll let you know when I do.

I eyed a bunch of cute shirts and dresses on Old Navy, too, but didn’t buy any yet.  I figure I’ll wait til I’m actually showing and need new shirts and dresses.  But here were a couple items I thought were super cute:

Maybe it’s just spring that makes me want to go shopping!

7 thoughts on “new clothes

  1. The clothes are beautiful! I am going maternity clothes-shopping with one my best friends next weekend and am so excited for it! (Clothes shopping for her, not me!) 😉

  2. I hear you about spring shopping fever! And I agree with Jessie, I think all the clothes you’ve picked out are super cute. You will be the most adorable pregnant lady ever. It’s almost enough to make me want to be pregnant just so I can wear them…almost, but not quite 🙂

  3. I love Old Navy’s maternity jeans, they’re awesome! So awesome in fact that I may or may not still be wearing them…
    Somehow I think spring/summer maternity clothes will be a lot cuter than winter ones. Also, a lot of the clothes I wore ended up just being a size or so up from the normal sizes I would usually wear. And here’s a tip, check out the mens department. Sometimes your normal womens size in the mens section gives you just the right amount of room without looking frumpy.

  4. I love Target’s clothes! Sometimes I accidentally pick something up in the maternity department, think it is in my size. They just have the cutest stuff!

  5. yay yay yay!!!! maternity wear! i can’t wait to watch you transform 🙂 motherhood maternity is so expensive – but my favorite pair of pants were from there, yoga pants that i would wear like 3 times a week…they also make clothes in long and short (hi, i need the short please.)

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