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i miss…

Reading by the pool with two funny and sweet pups, Tiki and Hula.

I miss 80 degree days and tons of sun.

I miss hanging out on the beach.

I miss vacation.

What was the best vacation you ever took? Mine would have to be our honeymoon in Cancun.  And after that, the trip to Italy and France.  And also the week-long trip to the Grand Canyon that I took with my friend, Nicole.


3 thoughts on “i miss…

  1. Yes! What a view – it was a great vacation. We were independent, made new friends, learned about great restaurants, saw beautiful nature.

    My best vacations also include my honeymoon to Mexico and a 2 week long trip to Colorado with my family. Ahhh, to go on a vacation…

  2. look how young you and dave are 🙂 SO sweet!
    my favorite vacation would also be my honeymoon, apparently my family went to really cool places like jamaica, hawaii, and disneyland when i was like 3, 4, and 5 – i have pictures but barely any memories!

  3. I would miss all of that too! I hope you are feeling more well rested now! Coming back from vacation is hard. I took an extra day off to chill at home and still feel tired.

    It’s hard to pick a best vacation, but I really loved Aruba with Steven, Spain with my dad, and NYC from this weekend! Okay, and a zillion other ones 😉

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