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1st trimester half

Dave and I celebrated the end of the first trimester with the Fort Lauderdale half marathon!  While we’ve done a few 5Ks, this was our first big race together – and Dave’s very first half marathon!  We weren’t exactly sure what to expect: I’m 3 months pregnant and had only run a long run of 7 before this; Dave was untrained by runs 3-5 miles 3 times a week; the weather was about 50 degrees warmer than what we’re currently used to.

We had a great race!  The race started at 6am at about 64 degrees.  Initially we were going to run with my cousin Jon and his friend Wally, but they started out a little fast.  I wanted to hold back to make sure I didn’t push too hard.  The course wound through downtown, through a small park, then out by the beach and looped back.  It was gorgeous – we got to watch the sun rise over the beach/ocean!  We started out the first 6 or so miles at about a 10:15 pace.  Around mile 6 we split a bag of strawberry GU chomps – DELICIOUS.  I never want to go back to straight GUs again – GU chomps are where it’s at!  Like fruit snacks!  We picked up the pace a little after mile 6.  Took another pack of GU chomps (orange) at mile 9.  Tried to pick up the pace again around mile 10.

We ended up finishing in 2:12:06, for an average pace of 10:05 (including walking through some water stops and to eat chomps).  I was really happy with this, especially because I finished and didn’t feel tired.  My goal was to run well but not to push it – I want to be really careful that I’m running smart while I’m pregnant.  Dave did awesome – I’m sure he could have gone faster, but it was really great to be with him and to run together!

Check out the sweet medals!

Dave and I back at my cousin’s house:

And with my cousin, Jon (we all ran like indians, right, Jon?):

We are back at the airport today, heading home to Indiana.  😦  It’s not going to be 80 and sunny there.  Or work-free.  Boo…

What was the highlight of your weekend?  Do you have President’s Day off?


10 thoughts on “1st trimester half

  1. Great job! I was looking forward to this post because I wanted to hear about the course differences and how you felt. Love that you got out on the beach! Totally makes me want to run a half marathon in Florida.

    Safe travels home! Getting excited about seeing you in May!

  2. its another crazy icy, snow day here – i hope traveling home is safe for you three 🙂 we love you!
    i look forward to being in your 2nd trimester half with you!
    p.s. you rock!

  3. We loved having you and Dave here for the race and enjoyed your post! Our motto for the Indy Mini in May: “Run Like Indians!” I can’t wait!

    PS – Tiki & Hula wonder where Dave went?!

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