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pet post, part 1

Dave and I are off to run the Fort Lauderdale half marathon – be back later with how well a pregnant lady and an untrained dude can run a half in weather 50 degrees warmer than what they’re currently used to.  Fingers crossed.  In the meantime, enjoy some awesome pet posts from readers!

Sarah‘s dog, Chico, seems to have a thing with laying on his owners.

This is a nightly occurance – B lays down to do crunches & push ups, and as soon as he stops for a second Chico lays down on his chest and puts his nose about 2″ from B’s face.  He gets annoyed, I laugh everytime.

Leslie’s cat, Lilly, is too lazy to even stand to drink her water.  But she takes a beautiful senior picture.

Melissa‘s cat, Stanley, puts up with kid-torture.  His face in the first picture says it all.

Kim‘s cat, Data, just plain has personality.

My sister, Kelly, has two dogs: Zer0 and Daga.  They are sweet, crazy, and hilarious.

I’ll have more pet posts coming!


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