Yesterday we started the day off slow.  Jon and Dave and I went for a 4 mile super warm run.  Then we got ready, went to lunch, and hit the beach.

Don’t worry, that cardigan didn’t last 2 minutes on the beach.  And I learned that when I put on sunscreen, I also have to cover the backs of my hands.  Whoops!

Dave and Jon under the midget umbrella – the umbrella stand broke so it couldn’t be raised!

After the beach we went to the half marathon expo to pick up our race packets – not bad items!  A nice drawstring backpack and a cotton/wicking tshirt.  I got a medium for room to grow this summer.

Then a nap back at home, hanging out, dinner out.  Today is a parade (my cousin’s son, Conrad, is in it) and who knows what else.  Sun and carbo loading and lots of relaxing for sure.

It’s 80 and sunny here.  We don’t have to leave in 2 days, right?

Time to get moving!  I’ll have a pet post up soon!