travel day

8:30am: leave the house.

11am: I know we packed snacks so we wouldn’t have to buy food, but then we passed Chick-fil-A and all I really really wanted was a chicken sandwich.  It was amazingness.

11:45am: arrive at Indy airport.  Chug the rest of my water bottle so it’s empty to go through security.

1:45pm: board plane.

3pm: nap on plane

4:05pm: arrive in Fort Lauderdale!

5:15pm: begin outside reading and relaxing!


5 thoughts on “travel day

  1. Have a great visit!

    ** Nothing like a Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich (or even better- a chicken biscuit for breakfast) to make the day better.

  2. you know, now you’re allowed to say ‘the baby wanted a chick-fil-a sandwich’… 🙂 mylin always wanted nachos from el camino. little stinker 🙂

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