airport food

Dave and I don’t really like to pay for airport food.  It’s expensive and depending on the airport, options are really limited.  Also, did I mention we don’t like to pay for it?

Solution: pack a bunch of food (okay, mostly carbs) for snacks and meals for our day of travel.  Here’s what we packed:

  • asiago cheese bagels from Panera
  • rice chex and raisins for munching
  • 4 apples (possibly for return trip as well?)
  • box of 6 chocolate chip peanut crunch clif bars (definitely for return trip… with leftovers)

Carrots would also be a good option, except I don’t really like them plain.  I’ve also taken clementines through security – and once even got a container of ratatouille through!

I also always take my water bottle, empty, through security, then fill it up at a water fountain inside the terminal.  Generally Dave and I share the water bottle for the trip.

Do you pack food for trips or do you treat yourself to airport food?

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2 thoughts on “airport food

  1. Good choices for traveling snacks!

    When I travel for work, I just buy my food because I have an expense account and usually have to carry such a heavy laptop bag that I don’t want to weigh it down with more stuff. When I travel for fun, though… I definitely pack whatever I can! I try to pack some fruits and veggies because the airport selection is usually pretty pitiful.

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