For Christmas this year my mom gave my sister, Kelly, and I Keen socks.  Keen shoes are awesomeness – I already knew this.  But Keen socks, it turns out, are just as awesome!  Mom had two pairs of socks: a running pair and a dress pair.  She had us randomly open packages and Kel got the running socks (fortunate, she said, because she needed them) and I got the dress pair.  But a few weeks after Christmas I got another package in the mail – Kel loved the running socks so much she ordered me a pair off of Amazon!

The socks are specialty fabric to stay dry and cool, but they’re also tailored specifically for your feet.  Proof:

They’re left and right specific!  Arch support and the general shape of the sock is specific to the foot it goes on.  Pretty awesome, right?

Here are my dress socks:

And the running socks:

Super comfortable and low.  The fabric feels thick enough but isn’t hot.  And the socks feel like a foot-hug!  Can’t beat that!  There are a couple things my mom always gets us for Christmas (which is a great thing!): socks, reese’s pb trees, and books.

Are there certain things you always get at Christmas (or birthdays)?


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  1. I also always get reese’s trees from my mom. I also get the hearts for Vday and the eggs for Easter.
    My grandma always gets me a jewelry set. Not necessarily really expensive but just something new. So this year I got long brown, black, and silver bead necklace, bracelet, and earrings. I love them. It is odd that my grandma is in her 80’s but the clothes and jewelry she picks out always fit me perfect and are typically my favorites (even over things I pick for myself)!
    The weirdest thing I aways get for Christmas is from Ryans mom. She always throws in a pack of disposable cocktail napkins with some kitschy saying or our initial or something….its odd, but I also kinda like them….

  2. Hey! 😦 I got the socks too! I wore mine yesterday and was telling a friend how unbelievably comfy they are!

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