three tangent Tuesday: Mosie

In the style of Janae at HungryRunnerGirl, I’m going to do 3 tangent Tuesday – Mosie style!  Basically now you can know Dave and I’s weird, too-much love for Mosie.

1. Mosie likes to jump up on the mantle when she wants attention.  When she jumps down, it is so loud.  We call it Thunder Paws.

2. Sometimes Mosie will sit like this in various places – on the mantle, on my desk, on the arm of the couch.  We call her Madame Mosette.

3. This morning Mosie was ultra whiny and needy – tons of meowing and complaining.  Turns out all she wanted was to be held.  That’s cute.

Tell me 3 things about you.  You don’t have to talk obsessively about your pet, like me.  You can just be normal.


6 thoughts on “three tangent Tuesday: Mosie

  1. Aww, Mosers!!!!

    But I want to tell you three things about my pet!

    1. In the morning when I am getting ready in the bathroom, Data sits on the counter and watches me. Then he comes over, stands up and puts his paws on my shoulder because he wants me to hold him. Aww!

    2. We have a lot of nicknames for Data, but lately, we have been calling him “Booper” and “Boopie.” Ha ha.

    3. Data is always wild after he eats! He finishes his meal, runs upstairs, runs downstairs, in to the powder room, then in to the living room, then repeats. 😉

  2. Mosie is so cute!

    Here are 3 things about my kitty, Squirt:
    1. She can tell time. 10:00 every night she gives the stare-down to let us know it is getting past her bedtime.
    2. She gets treats every night when I go to bed. She eats her “num-nums” out of my hand but won’t take them from M.
    3. After getting her treats, she runs around the house like a crazy, meowing (howling really) for about 5 minutes. Then she is ready for bed.

  3. Three things about Stella!!
    (I love to talk about my cat, but feel like most people could care less and will judge me for being a single white female with a cat. I feel this is a safe place.)

    1) When I come home from work and wake her up from her all day nap, she usually walks out to the living room from my bedroom and stretches with every step. It takes her like three minutes to walk 10 feet. It’s ridiculous.

    2) In the mornings while I’m snoozing in between alarms, she catloafs on my back until I finally get up. (Catloaf = sitting in the fashion of a loaf of bread, but with a cat head.)

    3) When she’s being a stinker, all I have to say is “Pssst” and she’ll stop what she’s doing. Sometimes it’s just to pause and look at me to see if I will actually physically do something. But most of the time she gets the message.

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