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pizza date night

It feels like it’s been awhile since Dave and I have had a date night.  Or maybe just one where we’ve gone out.  Last night we hit up the newest pizza place in town, Venturi, for fire-roasted pizza that bakes in one minute.  No joke.  The fire oven is so hot the pizza bakes up crazy quick.  And oh man, is it delicious!  We split garlic bread with fresh basil to start, then each demolished our own personal pizza – a pesto e ricotta for me and a pepperoni for Dave.  Since the pizzas bake so fast food comes to the table crazyquick – always a bonus.

To finish the night we split a DQ blizzard.  Normally we go for peanut butter cup but last night we tried the double fudge cookie dough.  Oh my!  I think it’s my new favorite!  Decadently delicious.

After the gluttony meal we came home, closed the living room pocket doors, cranked up the fireplace, and read books.  It was cozy and warm and so relaxing!  Dave is working his way through Unbroken and I am devouring Enduring Love by Ian McEwan – a book I got from mom for Christmas.  It’s really good.

Pizza, ice cream, books, and my boy!  What a night!  What made your Friday night a good one?  What’s your favorite flavor blizzard?


6 thoughts on “pizza date night

  1. That. sounds. amazing. Can we go there the next time I’m in town. Please? I love pizza. I love ice cream. Did you get a bigger sized blizzard, or were you stuck sharing a small? That sounds like an absolutely perfect date night to me!

  2. our friday night date consisted of seeing the old black and white film noir “key largo” projected in it’s original 35 mm format at the Indianapolis Museum of Art and chocolate milkshakes after. an evening well spent.:)
    that pizza place sounds awesome. i want to go to there.:) peanut butter cup blizzards are my all time favorite. i can’t bring myself to order any other kind.:)

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