Last week Jenny tagged me for a “Stylish Blogger Award.”  Clearly Jenny doesn’t know me in person, as she’d realize I’m awkward, not trendy, and sometimes don’t shower til close to noon (working from home has its perks!).  However, my blog apparently puts up a good front for me.  Phew!

Insert photo evidence of my awkwardness.  This was me at 10 years old on Halloween:


Anyway, the name of the game is to tell 7 things about myself.  Here goes:

  1. I had bacon yesterday for the first time in a long time.  Bacon used to be one of my all-time favorite foods.  It didn’t live up to my memories of it.
  2. I have the best husband ever.  This morning he left post-it notes for me in various places – door frames, inside the fridge, inside the medicine cabinet, etc.  I don’t think I’ve found them all yet.  He also shoveled the driveway.  It’s “feels like -15” out there, people.
  3. I think prunes are crazy delicious.
  4. I don’t like when my food touches on my plate.  Those plastic plates with separate compartments need to be updated to real dinnerware and made to look classy.
  5. I wish Mosie could give hugs.  Little cat hugs would be so cute, right?  Oh, okay, now I’m just weird.
  6. Dave and I went to bed at 7:42PM last night.  I slept til 6:45AM.  It was glorious.
  7. My abs are sore from the strength challenge.

Share the love: tell me 7 (or any number of things) about yourself!

Thanks again, Jenny, for tagging me!


10 thoughts on “irony

  1. Ha ha – love the carrot costume. And I would totally love a KitKat hug!

    You’re so welcome for the award. I’m glad you accepted it as some just blew me off. Oh wells.

    Run on!

  2. #1- i buy bacon in bulk at sam’s club (not ashamed to admit it)
    #2- the majority of my wardrobe is solid colors thanks to work rules
    #3- i love running errands of any kind
    #4- i have a “sharpie” marker obsession
    #5- i am addicted to a word game app (word up!) on my new phone
    #6- i talk to my mom almost every day (she’s the best!)
    #7- i try to keep holiday shaped reese’s pb cups that i got on clearance in my freezer at all times

  3. Argh, I don’t have reply on my blog, so I just wanted to let you know that my ankle is feeling better but is still sore. I am going to have it looked at just to be on the safe side. I still haven’t worked out at all since the marathon, I really wanted to many times, I just don’t want to push anything. Maybe this weekend I will get out there! Thanks for supporting me!

  4. I love your costume pic! I love that you posted it even more. I also really want the plates that you suggested should be created.

  5. can the bowl cut make an appearance in a future blog picture please?!
    joel put oreos in my school bag the other day to surprise me…then school was cancelled and that night i couldn’t find the oreos and asked him if he finished them…he was so sad that i found out his surprise 😦 but a shout out to the best husbands!

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