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reese’s pb trees: a review in pictures


9 thoughts on “reese’s pb trees: a review in pictures

  1. AWESOME REVIEW!! Ha! Why is it that they are so much better when they are in holiday shapes ha, You are adorable.
    The makeover and ‘where are they now’ are the BEST episodes of BL…I am always eating as I watch too:)

  2. From the title alone, I knew the outcome of this review. 🙂 How can you limit yourself to just one (at a time)???????

  3. Are you solely a Reese’s fan or would any combination of chocolate and peanut butter satisfy? I have become a fan of peanut butter M&Ms recently. I keep a jar in the pantry and grab a handful several times a day – addictive! I think I like that I can take just a few and not have to commit to eating a whole PB cup (or tree, or pumpkin…)

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