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the last race hurrah (for 2010)

marathon #5: 4:37:51

I was so pleased with this race.  The weather was nice, the race was well-organized, and runners were very friendly.  I felt pretty good from the start.  About halfway in I could tell my legs felt a little tired, but they held up well.  The hills in this course were the biggest challenge for me!  In reality, they probably weren’t very big hills.  But considering there is only ONE hill in our entire city – and I barely run it – the hills felt like a big deal to me.  I mostly walked up the inclines and then ran the down and what flat there was in between hills.  This worked well.  My legs were tired, so it gave them a break, but also kept me moving.  I tried to “power-walk” when I was walking.  And even though my time was slower than Grand Rapids, I enjoyed the race and felt like I ran it well.  I’m really happy with my time, and happy with my “last hurrah” for the running year – at least racing-wise!

After the race I headed to Fort Wayne to see my aunt and uncle.  I grabbed a shower and spent the afternoon with them, hanging out, catching up, and watching college football.  When I got home Dave took me to South Side Soda Shop and we split an ice cream smoosh-in!

Dave and Mosie made me a marathon celebration video.  It’s short but hilarious.  Mosie is bad!

I’ll post more soon about the swag and the race!


5 thoughts on “the last race hurrah (for 2010)

  1. Congrats on the race! It sounds like it went really well. I probably would have felt the same way about the hills. The “hills” here kill me but they are so minor 😉

    Love Mosie! Ha!

    Did you just add ads to your site? I hadn’t noticed them before.

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