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reader recipe poll: pumpkin gingersnap cookies

Yesterday definitely felt like fall around here.  It was crazy windy (my morning run was against 31mph winds).  Leaves were whipping around and while it wasn’t cold, the air definitely had a bit more of bite to it.  We had some delicious veggie pot pie (using this gravy recipe) and followed it up with a perfect fall cookie: pumpkin gingersnap.

I’m not go-crazy about pumpkin.  It has its place… mainly in chocolate pumpkin cake muffins.  But these babies have earned their spot in my limited pumpkin repetoire.

I followed the recipe exactly (rare for me!) so I’ll send you over to Mama Pea herself for the recipe.  I’ve said this before, but if you’re not reading Mama Pea’s blog, you need to be.  She’s honest and sweet, completely hilarious, has 2 adorable little girls, and whips up delicious vegan meals and baked goods.

These cookies have a little ginger bite to them and a subtle hint of pumpkin.  They’re soft and not overly sweet.  Basically, they’re perfect.  See if you can stop at just one two.  I couldn’t.

Pumpkin gingersnap cookies are kind of breakfast-y, right?

Psst – you can still email me a Halloween picture.  It’s going to be a fun – and funny! – post this weekend!


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  1. I hear ya on the wind! The past 2 days of running have been a little rough, but at least it’s not 90 out anymore. 🙂

    And I love mama pea! She’s a huge inspiration!

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