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A couple days ago someone asked me where I keep my medals and race bibs.  Confession: I don’t keep race bibs.  At first I thought I would, but it just seemed like a lot of papery clutter, so I’ve ended up tossing them.

And right now I’m not sure what to do with my medals.  They’re currently hanging on one hook in the closet.  When they move they make a really pretty wind chime sort of noise.

Here’s my current collection – click the pictures if you want a closer look.  I’m kind of fascinated by race medals myself.

The marathons:

Indianapolis (October 2005), Sunburst in South Bend (June 2010), Erie at Presque Isle (September 2010), Grand Rapids (October 2010)

The Indianapolis half marathons (we run the Indy 500 track, hence the race-car theme):

2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010.  2007 is missing because I donated it to Riley Children’s Hospital post-race.

Fort Wayne half marathon (2009):

All together!

My favorite medal is probably the Presque Isle, because it’s so unique and I got to run with my sister, but I also really like the Fort Wayne half (my first time going sub-2 hours) and the Grand Rapids (best race time so far).

What do you do with your race medals?  Do you keep bibs?  Any ideas for what I should do with mine?


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  1. Our “important” medals we keep on a hook in our closet too. All of mine from high school years (track and cross country – probably close to 100) are in a bag that the kids enjoy playing with. I did have them stored away in the basement and they never saw the light of day for years. So I got them out one day and decided that I might as well make them useful. They love it. And on the plus side, it gives them dreams of becoming runners so they can earn their own medals. 🙂 They’ve already earned a few from a couple of 1 mile fun runs they’ve entered. So someday when you have kids, they can parade around with your medals pretending they are as cool as their mama.

  2. Ooo, that was me that asked! I am so happy you are showing us!

    I love the Presque Isle one too! And the car ones. That race is May 7th this year, right? I think you should get a medal rack too. I like the ones my friend posted about here – http://irunyourun.wordpress.com/2010/09/24/my-fancy-new-medal-holder/.

    I keep my medals and bibs on my closet wall for inspiration each morning and night. And I print pics from the race and put them up there too. Here’s a pic – http://www.ilaxstudio.com/blog/2010/03/05/friday-question-103/. Now there are a lot more on there though! 🙂

  3. I toss the bibs but keep the medals. The medals are hanging in my office (at SMU). There is a hook on the window blinds and I loop them all through there, so they end up hanging in a big clumpy mess (not nicely arranged like yours). I still feel proud then I look at them but they are not prominently displayed so I don’t feel like the display is overtly braggy.

    Thanks for your encouraging words about the long run the other day. I appreciate it (and needed to hear something like that!).

  4. Wow! That’s a lot of hardware! So cool 🙂 Grand Rapids was my 1st medal (squee!). I have some pins from 5/3 5 and 10k’s, but the medal was way better. I decided I needed a motivation board, so my pins and medal are now hanging over my computer. (Or, they will be once Mike puts the nails in the wall 🙂 I hope to add a couple more next year!

    PS-I might have to go down and run the Indy 1/2. Running the track sounds like it would either be really fun or really boring. Since you have 5 medals, I’m thinking it was a fun race.

    1. It’s a fun race – partly because it’s so many people (45,000). There are a lot of fans the whole way through. It normally sells out by December, so sign up soon!

  5. The closet sounds like a good place for now. Just keep them!!! What memories as you look back on them in the future.

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