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honeymilk: a review in pictures


11 thoughts on “honeymilk: a review in pictures

  1. omg. i almost had kurt chug it at the dinner table last night…the thought of it made me gag. i cant believe you actually tried it…what did it taste like?

  2. OMG this was the funniest product review I have “read” in a long time. Mike and I also tried the Honey Milk we received in my swag-bag. We had the acai-pom and honey flavors, both of which prompted the same faces and end result of being dumped down the drain. LOL I did get a bottle of the coffee flavor after the race though, and that one was delicious (at least my 13.1 mile brain drain thought so). My girlfriend who ran had a vanilla flavor afterwards that she liked too.

    It looks like Mosie liked it, though 🙂

  3. Too funny! In S. Africa, you can buy non-refrigerated milk. They call it long life milk. My reaction is very similar to yours!

    1. It’s actually safe to have non-refrigerated milk, but people are opposed to it in the states so they don’t do it… but they do it for soy milk, almond milk and some other types.

  4. Ok so not to sound totally stalker here… just came across your blog via “Sarah Soon to Be.” I saw you commented you lived on Lake Erie… prolly near where I used to live…. Sandusky. Curiosity ensued… so I head to your blog and see you live in Northern Indiana. Um… I live in Fort Wayne now! So anyways… Just thought that was really cool!!! I’m adding you to my google reader now 🙂

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