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eggs and reeses

Dave and I hit up the grocery store on Monday.  Originally I thought I would make Indian curry for dinner, but then post-marathon exhaustion caught up to me, in the middle of the grocery store, and I almost started crying just thinking about making dinner.  Ridiculous, yes?  Dave jumped in with a brilliant idea: gnocchi!  Lifesaving.  Dinner was gnocchi (boil 3 minutes), spaghetti sauce (leftover jar in the fridge), and broccoli (frozen).  Dinner in less than 15 minutes, and my sanity intact.

Here are the other groceries for the week.  We rounded out at $53.21.  I’d still like to make curry later this week, but might need to pick up one or two things for it.

  • giant bag of Eight O’Clock coffee beans
  • 2lbs. white rice
  • 1can diced tomatoes
  • 1can tomato paste
  • whole wheat macaroni
  • 1 box gnocchi
  • apple juice
  • whole wheat flour
  • 2 packages smoked turkey lunchmeat
  • 2 packages cheddar cheese slices
  • 1 small container greek yogurt
  • 1 gallon milk
  • 1 bag frozen green beans
  • animal crackers
  • garlic
  • 1 bottle mexican pineapple juice (Dave’s impulse buy)
  • spinach
  • 3.5 pounds bananas
  • 18 count eggs

Let’s talk eggs for a minute.  Originally Dave and I just bought Walmart brand eggs, but recently I’ve just been kind of disgusted by them – the yolks are so dull.  Shouldn’t yolks be yellow and vibrant?  So we bought Eggland’s Best this month, hoping we might get some more brightly colored eggs.  The verdict is still out if they’re any better.

Anyone else absolutely despise the feel of egg on their hands?  I hate cracking eggs and getting slimy stuff on my fingers.  Makes me want to gag.

By the way, last week we went over by $1.50.  I just couldn’t say no to those Reese’s Halloween pumpkins!!!  Holiday Reese’s are Dave and I’s kryptonite.

What’s something fun you picked up at the grocery store this week?


8 thoughts on “eggs and reeses

  1. I’ve leaned toward Aldi lately to make our grocery budget (around $70/week, although it gets a bit confusing if I make meals for others or bring snacks to our home group Bible study!), but found these yummy peanut butter/chocolate low-fat ice cream sandwiches there for $2.99…yum!

  2. i haven’t found the reese’s pumpkins yet this year- don’t worry i am going to stalk them at the post halloween sales and stock up the freezer!

    1. Fort Lauderdale – we’re staying with my cousin. Definitely we’ll have to meet up sometime! I’m excited to meet you!

  3. i’m resisting getting on my older sister food soapbox…but let’s just say our chickens lay eggs with bright orangey gold yolks because they eat real food like leafy greens, bugs, worms, tomatoes, watermelon. anemic looking yolks are a sign of lacking nutrition. ok. sorry. i’ll get down now.
    smart move on the gnocchi and sauce. that’s one of keegan and i’s go to last minute meals, too.
    fun grocery store score? halvah!

  4. I used to stock up on the Reese’s Easter eggs! I thought they were the perfect proportion of pb to chocolate. Nom.

    This week I grabbed some veggie chips and Star Wars gummy snacks. Ha!

    I think that may be the kind of (chicken) eggs that Steven gets. He always tries to buy cage-free, even though it doesn’t really mean anything. We think it would be cool to get eggs from a farmer, but have been too lazy to find one!

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