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My running total for September is the lowest since… June of last year.  Boooo.  104 miles.  I did a short 2 miles this morning, running my errands around town (bank deposits, mechanic’s, co-op).  At times I felt loose, other times heavy.  This past week has been a strange one for me – for the most part I have felt too tired to run, so I’ve tried to listen to my body and give it a break.  But tomorrow, tired or not, I’ve got a long run planned.  Let’s hope that kinesiology appointment (and the magnet I’m going to try wearing on my wrist!) help.

I stopped at the co-op to pick up a new face lotion.  I recently bought two different Equate-brand (Walmart) face lotions.  The first bottle didn’t work (the pump didn’t actually produce anything) and the second dried out my face like nobody’s business… in just 3 short days.  Excellent.  The culprit:

Luckily both are easily returnable.  Normally I don’t have any issues with drugstore brands, but for whatever reason my face really rebelled against this one.  So I stopped by the co-op to pick up a more natural lotion that would probably be a lot kinder to my face.  I walked out with this:

Bonus: it was only $7 (for 4oz.), which was fairly comparable to the $5 (for 6oz.) I paid for the Equate-brand.  Better quality ingredients, better company environmentally, only slight price difference.

Yesterday was the first day I’ve gone without eating at least one greek eggplant wrap.  Sad times.  I plan to change this today, roast another eggplant, and make my own tortillas.  Yup, make my own.  I’ve never done it before.  Have you?  Have any tips? I’ll be sure to post my results… and the recipe, if all goes well.  In the meantime, I’m not sure what I’ll have for lunch since eggplant isn’t available.  Whatever I eat, Mosie will probably want a share of, too.

She wishes.  (Please ignore the mirror back there… eventually it will get hung… somewhere.  How many months after moving are our boxes and mess still excusable?)


4 thoughts on “mileage low

  1. send jennyhoople a message if you need tortilla tips. she’s been known to make them successfully.

  2. The ones I make always taste good, I just haven’t figure out how to make them look pretty. Mine look like splotches.

  3. Homemade tortillas rock!!! Not the prettiest -bit who cares because they are so cheap:).

    Got my recipe from under the recipes tab. Soak or don’t soak-it’s up to you.

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