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the race, the day

I’ll try not to make this post a marathon of words and pictures… we’ll keep it at a half-marathon.  Ha.  Ha.  Ha.  Good joke, right?  šŸ™‚

Saturday’s pre-race included a kitchen photo-shoot

And the yellowest, most bruised up banana you will ever see me eat.

It was cold cold cold waiting in the corrals to start.  I stood near the side of the corral so that Dave and I could talk, and so I could steal his jacket to wear until the race started.  I think the race started on time?  I actually don’t really know if we did or not.  They did a 10-9-8 countdown, but then we didn’t move at all when it got to 1… so it didn’t really feel like a start.  Regardless, once we started running I realized how numb and cold my legs were – it felt like running on wood blocks!  By mile 4 my legs and hands had warmed up, and by mile 6 I think I was even sweating!  The wind didn’t seem that bad once we were going – I think buildings and the mass of people helped break it up some.  The first couple miles I paced myself by a guy wearing a kilt – he seemed to be going the right speed, so I tried to keep him in my sight at all times.  Then I lost him and paced myself off a different couple also going a good pace.  But they started to slow down around mile 10, so I took off on my own.  I saw kilt man again around 11 or 12.  The last 3 miles I was starting to feel tired, but really pushed to hold my pace, because I knew I could beat my PR.  I had called Dave at mile 10 to let him know where I was so he could watch me finish – last year he missed me because there were so many people and he didn’t know when to look for me.  He saw me finish and even got a video of it on his phone!

Final stats – straight from the results website:

overall place: 6403 out of 30994
division place: 375 out of 2960
gender place: 1589 out of 16574
time: 1:54:35
pace: 8:45
5m: 43:28
10m: 1:27:26
guntime: 2:04:35

Previous best time: 1:58:23.  New PR: 1:54:35!

I found Dave and our friend Chad afterwards – Chad ran the 5K that morning!

Me hanging myself showing off my bling.

After we talked with Chad a little we walked back to the car and headed to Brian and Nicole’s, where I quick showered and changed.  Then we headed to Trader’s Point Creamery.

The farm was beautiful!  Gorgeous old wood and brick buildings, sloping trails, animals roaming…

Unfortunately, the place was packed out for lunch, due to a small kitchen.  So we hit up the dairy bar and both got wildberry yogurt parfaits – with yogurt made right there on the farm! 

It was delicious!  Then we walked around the farm a little bit and met the animals.  Please note me being dangerously close to the wire there – I didn’t know it was an electric fence.  Small miracles I wasn’t zapped in my eagerness to meet this little calf beauty.

Dave found his dream vehicle at the farm.

It started to get windy and cold, so we left and hit up a grocery store for some salad, then picked up some fudge from a chocolate shop.  Turtle and peanut butter chocolate.
We moved on to Butler University, where the Legally Blonde musical was playing.  We knew it was going to be super silly when we saw this screen:
The musical was funny and fun – very light and silly, as we expected.  We enjoyed the 2.5 hours of mindless entertainment!  The audience was also mostly girls – no surprise there.  The best part was the two dogs they had trained to be in the show – everyone loved them!  If you want a song to be stuck in your head all day, listen to this.  Make sure you get to the chorus – that’s the part that will never ever leave you.
After the show we went for more fake sugar and caffeine…

We like to end things the way we start them.

And then we headed home!!  Mosie was happy to see us.  We were happy to see her – and our bed!!

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  1. Congrats on the PR! I am happy you warmed up… after those 4 miles! Yikes!I would love to visit a farm like that šŸ™‚

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