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race week

It’s race week for me, with the Indy Mini Marathon this coming Saturday.  I first ran the mini in 2005, with my coworker, Melanie.  It was crazy hot that day and they had a race warning up the entire time.  We finished in 2:34:55.  It was my first half-marathon!

That was when I always wore a rolled up bandana on my head to keep my hair out of my eyes.  Functional, but a little silly looking.  Gangsta Kim.

I ran again in 2006 with relatively no training with my friend Stacey.  Finished in 2:29:38.

I lost the bandana and subbed in one of those silly cords that creeps back on your head and eventually flies off altogether.

In 2007 I didn’t learn my lesson and ran again without training.  I ran most of the race with my friends Erin and Courtney, but lost them at mile 9 when my lack of training caught up with me.  Time: 2:43:24.

Oh great.  It looks like I’m walking.

2008 continued my trend of “why did I pay $50 to sign up if I wasn’t going to train?”  It was rough.  I ran on my own but met up with friends afterwards.  My worst yet: 2:47:59

I promise I had showered and changed since the race in 2007.  What can I say?  I like that shirt.

In 2009 I actually trained – fairly hard – for the race.  I was rewarded with some minor vomiting curbside and a PR – 2:14:47.  I think it helped having Dave along to cheer for me… although he really just watched TV at the hotel, put the luggage in the car, and drank Starbucks while I ran.

Clearly I have an attachment to headbands when running.

My current half marathon PR is 1:58:23, from the FW half last September.  My only goal for Saturday is to beat that time… although if I don’t, it’s okay.  This half-marathon is working nicely into my marathon training schedule (I’m supposed to do 12 this weekend), and the marathon is my major goal for the year.  Still, a PR would be nice…

Training for the week will be… whatever the heck I feel like running!  I try to meet my long runs on the weekends but not pressure myself for weekday runs – that way I can enjoy running without feeling like it’s a requirement.  Run for fun!  

Mosie’s training for her race this weekend, too.


3 thoughts on “race week

  1. I think it is fun to do some of the same races each year. The half we ran this Saturday was the same one we ran last year. Good luck this weekend! I hope you have a ton of fun, no matter what your finish time is 🙂

  2. So fun to see your race progression over the years. I can't wait until I finally break the 2:00 hr barrier for the half. I know it will have to be a flat course + cold day, haha.Good luck this Saturday!

  3. Hello there! I've got a question and I'll get straight to the point: How did you improve so much from May to September 2009? I ran a 2:14 half (my first) in May and want to run a much faster time in October. Any tips?

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