what’s your name, fish?

Tonight we had baked fish… this is some kind of white fish, but now I forget what kind because it came in a pack and I threw away the outer bag.  So we had mystery fish for dinner.  Appetizing!  I dipped each piece of fish in a lemon juice/olive oil combo first, then flopped it around in a crumb mix to make a crust.

Flaxseed (about a 1/4c.), parmesan (about 2T.), salt (about 1t.), and italian seasonings (about 2t.).

Baked at 400 til done, along with chopped broccoli, tossed in olive oil and salt.

(That’s my mom’s homemade applesauce there, pulled from the freezer depths.  Be jealous.  It’s incredible.)  This was probably my favorite fish ever.  It was SO delicious – a great crust, with just a zing of lemon underneath.  Wow.  REPEAT.

On Sunday Dave’s mom gave me something she found in the basement… from 1992.

Word finds?  Love!!  I’ve been squeezing in rounds of them whenever I can…. as fish bakes, in between scratching Mosie’s ears, etc.


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