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quiet Sunday

It was a whirlwind Saturday yesterday, with a bridal shower in the morning and a baby shower in the evening!  So much fun to see friends and hang out and to celebrate a marriage and a baby!

I got home late last night… well, really late for me.  11:40.  The drive from Bluffton to home was long and I definitely got a little bit sleepy toward the end, but Lord of the Rings and apple slices helped me make it through!
Here’s a sign you’re feeling a little too crazed with planning details: in between the two showers I stopped to get gas.  After I hung up the pump and was waiting for the receipt I thought “what is that funny noise?”  Oh, turns out it’s my car.  Running.  Whoops.  That’s a mistake I hope to never repeat.
Today is much quieter, even though it started out rough.  Dave and I didn’t get to bed until after 12 (he was at a Lincoln Brewster concert with friends) and then got up at our normal 5am… rough.  I definitely struggled just to get (and keep) my eyes open.  At 6:30 we were both somewhat awake and caffeinated enough to go running.  Dave joined me for the first 2+ miles of my run, then split off for home while I went on.  I was a little pressed for time and worried I wouldn’t be able to get my whole run in, but I made it!  18 miles with a 9:30 pace and no foot pain!!!!  I was super excited.  Then I had about 20 minutes to stretch, shower, and walk to church.  Quickety quick!
Here’s how we know it’s spring: ants are starting to pop up in the kitchen.  Gross.  Mosie has alerted us to two out of three of them (she doesn’t kill them but watches them and makes noises until we come see).  Smart kitty!  Last spring Dave got a little too excited about ant killing and tried various methods past the normal smashing with a tissue… including setting them on fire.  Or maybe it was spiders he set on fire.  In any case, it happened with some insect or another.  Seems like maybe it’s time to hide the matches…
The rest of the Sunday is rather lowkey for us.  My legs are tired, so I’m headed to the couch with the most recent Runner’s World and chilling out for awhile!

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