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here goes!

In 2005 I ran a marathon with my great friend, Tyler.

It was a hellish experience.  Course design: F.  Okay, maybe D.  Basically you ran the first 12 miles with half marathoners (great) but then the half marathoners split off, leaving a very sparse crowd.  And the rest of the marathon – the backend miles that hurt the most – were out and back a lonely residential road where spectators couldn’t go.  So encouragement was at zero.  There weren’t many people to run with and no family or friends… at one point Tyler even asked a guy who was out raking his lawn “could you please cheer for me?  I need encouragement.”  That being said, my training had also tanked when school started again so I wasn’t really prepared.  I also later learned I wore completely the wrong shoes for me… which would explain why I lost 3 toenails and had a ginormous blood blister underneath my big toenail.  Yum.  I finished in 5:12.  I was happy I finished, but was disappointed with my time – I had hoped to get under 5 hours.  I’ve said I wanted to run another marathon and after I had such a great running summer/fall I really wanted to, because I knew I could improve my time and do much better.

So yesterday I signed up for the Sunburst marathon at Notre Dame!  It’s June 5 and I’m hoping I can be ready!

In other news, it’s Dave’s birthday!!!  (Yes, I’ve posted this picture like 3 times but it’s hilarious and awesome!)

We’ve got a fun night of celebrating to do!  Happy weekend!!!


5 thoughts on “here goes!

  1. Kim,I totally agree about the way that course was designed. The last 6 miles were like 3 miles out…turn around and come back (in other words, no one was going to go stand out there and cheer because then they'd miss the finish). It was terrible. Plus I feel like the entire final mile was uphill. (But maybe that was just me.)But, we ran that marathon in 2005, Kim. Not 2006. (On Barbie's birthday, no less, which is ironic–for me only–since you write this on Dave's birthday).I also love the picture of Dave. He's like part Jackie Chan and part unknown but extremely skilled racquetball player.

  2. i just came across your blog and look forward to checking out your recipes and following your journey. Also I have 4 giveaways going right now over at my blog if your interested. :)www.ericarunning.com

  3. Okay, I totally laughed out loud at Bux at Tyler asking the guy who was mowing his lawn for some cheering-on. The one other guy here at Bux was startled.YOU CAN DO IT! I'm excited for you.:)

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