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potato lasagna

I have to state up front that potato lasagna was not my idea.  My sister, Kelly, first told me to try using potatoes in substitution of noodles.

That being said, I did a pretty dang good job of it.

First, I sauteed an onion, a green pepper, a carrot, and 3 huge cloves of garlic.  I added this to a a big can of tomato sauce, a little can of tomato paste, tons of oregano and basil, and a little salt.  I also dumped in a bag of somewhat-thawed chopped broccoli.  I sliced the potatoes thin and layered them in a greased small casserole dish, then spread half the sauce on top.  For Dave’s half I added a layer of mozzarella cheese.  I then repeated the potato/sauce(/cheese) and put it in the oven at 350 for an hour.

The result:

I loved the taste of this.  What I didn’t love was the slightly crunchy potatoes.  To be honest, I’m kind of perplexed, since they were pretty thin and they were in the oven an hour!  I do think leftovers will be even better, since the sauce and the microwave will (with our powers combined!) soften up the stubborn potatoes.

What do you do when you’re home all day with not much to do?  Talk to your cat, of course!  Mosie and I often enjoy having table conversations together.  Dave has tried numerous times to chronicle this, but Mosie seems to instinctively know when she’s being taped and always clams up.  Today I got her to cooperate, somewhat.  Generally she is much more talkative than this, but it gives you a glimpse.  Also, watch around :16 where I “discipline” her for putting her back foot up on the table.  I like to think she listens because I’m dominant… when really she probably just found it more comfortable to not have that paw up.  Notice her “please stop” face at the end.  She endures so much…


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  1. Kim, I wonder if you could saute the potatoes in just a bit of EVOO until al-dente so that they'll cook up better in the oven?What a good idea, though, to use potatoes! Yum…Your kitty is so-o-o cute. I love her ears!

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